Isis: An Ancient Lust Rises (Chapter One)

Somewhere in Egypt.

The gods’ blessings are not bestowed lightly. Aziz was well aware of this as he entered the chamber 30 feet below the shifting sands of the Sahara Desert. US counter-terrorism forces had been unable to find this location for years, and now, as a consequence of that failure, the hunters would become the hunted. America feared Islam. It would soon learn to fear a far more ancient power.

Aziz approached the altar and placed the blood red stone upon it.

The other members of the organization were seated on cushions in the shadows of the back of the chamber. The leadership were all women, dressed in robes, yellow to match the sands of their home, which were parted at the chest so that their breasts, bronzed by the sacred sun, were exposed nearly to the nipple. None wore undergarments so that the male servants could easily service their masters upon a whim. The women took pride in the fact that their pussies were nearly never dry, and their sweet aroma filled the chamber even now, at a moment of grave importance.

All the servants were males, clothed in crimson linen pants, which did nothing to conceal their beautiful bodies. They had been hand selected for their love of beautiful women, darkened by the sun and their burning hatred of the West. Unlike the Muslims, who were obsessed by fighting America, “the Great Whore,” these men and their organization had no quarrel with whores. But America and its allies were responsible for turning humanity into consumables bent to the will of profit, and in doing so, distracted the world from every man and woman’s highest calling. Pleasure.

To a person, they placed their trust in Aziz. None had heard the stone speak or even been with Aziz when he discovered it at the bottom of an oasis’ watering hole three days prior, but Aziz had been with the organization from its inception. As its most loyal manservant, his commitment to the cause was never in doubt. And if what he said was true, they were about to unleash a power that would make their fantasy a reality. They were going to save the world from the misery that had slowly engulfed it since the end of the ancient civilizations.

After placing the stone on the altar, Aziz turned to face his masters and the other servants. “It is prepared,” he said in a strong, unwavering voice. He knew what he had heard and seen in the oasis. He knew it had not been an illusion. Zeera, the most respected of the organization’s leadership, rose to her feet. Her shoulder-length, obsidian hair caressed her cheeks as she rose and then fell back as she stood tall. Her breasts were enormous, round, and flawless. Her nipples were erect and pressing into the fabric of her yellow robe. “You have done well, Aziz.” She turned to three of the servants. “Bring her out.”

Aziz had discovered the blood red stone while swimming in the oasis. It had called to him in the husky voice of a woman eager for satisfaction, a voice he knew all too well. When he had removed it from the water, the voice described an ancient ritual, which upon completion, would create a weapon of immense power. A weapon of pure lust and sexuality, which would bring the organization’s enemies to their knees. Literally.

Heeding Zeera’s call, the servants rose and briefly disappeared into an alcove. When they reappeared a moment later, they were escorting a woman of enchanting beauty. Her skin was nearly as black as Zeera’s hair and without blemish. She had a small, muscular ass and two soft breasts that bounced ever so slightly with each step. Her pussy had a small mound of pubic hair just above it, but her body was smooth as marble otherwise. Her long black hair cascaded past her shoulders and came to rest on the small of her back. Zeera walked towards the woman and inspected her incredible body. “What is your name, my love.” Zeera’s voice was sultry and reeked of sex. The woman replied, “Asha.” Zeera smiled and knelt before Asha, her mouth close enough to lick Asha’s belly. “Be very still,” she said as she gripped the back of Asha’s ebony thighs with both hands and gently pulled her legs apart. Asha took a deep breath and widened her stance in compliance with Zeera’s hands. Zeera brought her left hand to Asha’s pussy and used her ring and index fingers to gently part Asha’s lips. Looking up at Asha, she asked barely above a whisper, “you are a virgin, yes?” Asha nodded. Zeera turned her attention back to Asha’s beautiful slit and slowly slid her middle finger between Asha’s parted labia. Asha closed her eyes as she was penetrated, and tried to maintain her composure. She had never been touched in this way by anyone. Zeera felt the firm tightness of Asha’s pussy, and before her finger had traveled very far, it met resistance. Zeera grinned. “You are as pure as we hoped, my lovely Asha. And your purity will change the world.”

Withdrawing her finger, Asha motioned to Aziz to come to her. Aziz left the altar and walked swiftly to her. “Yes, my mistress.” “Are the two lechers prepared?” she asked. Aziz responded, “they are. Just as the voice commanded. They are known rapists vacationing from America, surely sufficiently perverse to satisfy the requirements of the ritual.” Zeera smiled at Aziz, satisfied with her loyal servant. “And you’ve instructed them that they must cum inside her pussy, yes?” Aziz nodded. “As the voice of the stone commanded.” Zeera reached down and grasped Aziz’s thick shaft over his linen pants. “Then let’s begin.” She leaned forward and whispered into his ear. “You will stay here with me.” Releasing him, Zeera turned to the other members and servants. “You will leave this chamber. The lechers must not suspect a thing.” Zeera laughed inside her mind. Indeed, even the most lustful of predators would fail to perform knowing her intentions.

After the chamber had cleared, Zeera and Aziz retreated into the shadows, leaving Asha standing in the middle of the chamber alone. She knew why she was here, and although she did not understand fully the purpose of what was about to happen to her, she had faith in the organization.  And she hated the West. A door opened to her left, and she turned to see two men stride into the chamber one after the other, naked. Both had pale skin and hairy, unkempt bodies. The first man through the door stopped upon seeing Asha as if he had run into a wall. “Holy fuck, dude.” The second man nearly walked into the first but sidestepped him. He stared at Asha’s perfect ebony body in awe. “Best fuckin’ vacation of my life.” Both men approached her. As they drew close, Asha could see the lust in their eyes. She could have been anyone. Or of unseemly age. They did not care. She happened to be 23, but they repulsed her nonetheless. These men had no concept of passion or pleasing a woman. She hoped her sacrifice would be greatly rewarded.

Each man approached Asha with his cock in his hand, stroking with deliberate, desperate jerks. “You ready to suck some dick?” the first man, who Asha imagined had a name like Bill, asked her. She stared at him quizzically, hoping he would not be so dense to think a woman in the deserts of Africa would certainly understand perfectly the English language. The spark of recognition flashed across his eyes. “Oh, shit. You don’t understand, do you? Let me help.” Bill put his hand on the top of her head and pushed her down. Asha, understanding what he wanted, sunk to her knees, Bill’s hairy balls inches from her lips as he continued to furiously stroke his hardening dick. The other man, who Asha decided to name George, sauntered over to them. He had a large gut, and even at this early hour, smelled of alcohol. “Me too.” Asha leaned forward and licked Bill’s hairy balls slowly as she reached her right hand out to George and grasped his cock. She began to stroke George up and down as he got harder. He grew more than she expected, and her eyes widened a bit at the thought of his big, white dick taking her innocence. Bill chuckled and looked at George, “yea, he’s a big fucker, ain’t he?” George smiled at himself. “That’s right, baby. Stroke that big dick.” Bill groaned as Asha took one of his balls between her lips, the hair tickling the inside of her mouth. She rolled his testicle between her lips and flicked her tongue softly over its surface. Bill seemed to like that. She slide her hand up and down George’s shaft as she released Bill’s testicle and opened her mouth wide.

Zeera and Aziz watched from the shadows. Zeera wanted to make sure everything went according to plan. It was vital that the lecherous Americans came inside Asha’s pussy. The voice had been insistent on that point to Aziz. She kept Aziz nearby because she knew he would relieve her as she watched. Already, her clit had swollen. She ached to take Asha herself, but she knew she must restrain herself. Aziz was a strikingly handsome man, whose chest was chiseled from years of labor for his mistress and their organization. He had dark green eyes with which he gazed up at Zeera as he lowered himself between her spread legs. He could smell her sex, and as she hiked up her robe around her hips, he saw it. Then, smiling at his mistress, he tasted it.

Bill grabbed Asha’s head with both hands when she opened her mouth and guided her mouth onto his dick. He loved fucking girls’ mouths. Using his left hand, he pulled her to him while stroking the shaft still outside Asha’s mouth with his right. Asha’s lips closed on his cock, and she let herself be pulled forward until only an inch of Bill’s dick was outside her mouth. Bill’s pubic hair tickled her nose. “How does that taste, baby?” Asha was surprised to enjoy the smooth skin of his dick as her lips traveled over his hard shaft. She moaned a little to make him happy. George did the same, although not to please Bill, and walked around behind Asha. He grabbed her hips and pulled her to her feet. Asha stumbled a bit as she tried to balance on her feet while bent over. Bill’s dick poked her throat, and she gagged. “That’s what I like,” Bill moaned as he held Asha’s head on his dick, feeling the back of her throat. George took a second to admire Asha’s ass as he stared at her bent over. “I’ve never fucked a black bitch before. Damn. I’ve been missin’ out I think.” He used his right hand to guide his cock to the opening of Asha’s pussy.

Asha had tried to prepare herself for this moment, but she was still scared. Bill had begun to slowly fuck her mouth, and she tried to focus all of her attention on his cock. But George’s dick was thick, and he pushed it into her quickly. Before she could react, he was three inches deep inside her. She screamed onto Bill’s cock and widened her stance as much as she could, trying to accommodate George’s thick member. George moaned as he penetrated her tight pussy. “Oh my god, Bill. This bitch is a real virgin. You gotta feel this!” He pushed farther inside, breaking Asha’s barrier as her pussy stretched to take him in. Asha fought back tears and threw herself into sucking Bill’s cock with a ravenous hunger. She wanted to get this over with. She forgot about Zeera’s instruction that the men cum inside her.

George held Asha’s hips with both hands. He tried to push deeper, but she was so tight he had trouble. “Damn, I can only get half in her.” Bill groaned. “Stop talking, you’re distracting me.” Bill grabbed Asha’s hair in two pigtails, one in each hand, and closed his eyes as she began bobbing her head up and down furiously on his cock. He thrusted his hips, meeting her mouth in rhythm. He began to pant as he felt his orgasm begin. “Shit, I’m gonna cum.” George was slowly pushing his cock back and forth in Asha’s pussy, trying to loosen her up. “Remember we were told to cum in her pussy, Bill” Bill drew closer to climax. “I know that. But they didn’t say we couldn’t cum anywhere else.” He grinned and watched Asha’s ass jiggle as George pushed her butt cheeks together and then released them while he slightly increased his pace. Asha could feel her pussy getting wet around George’s dick, and it had finally begun to slide easier inside her. A ripple of pleasure coursed through her body as George slide his thick cock further inside her. Bill suddenly pulled his dick out of Asha’s mouth and held it in front of her nose, stroking it up and down. “Fuck!” he moaned as his cock pulsed and a thick stream of cum splashed across Asha’s nose and cheeks. He groaned loudly and stroked his dick until he had released five thick loads of cum onto Asha’s face and forehead. Then he used his dick to slap her face, splashing the cum around. Asha felt her pussy get much wetter as Bill’s cum splashed across her face. She was very pleased to have satisfied a man so quickly on her first try. Even this one. She felt the power that draining him gave her, and she even smiled a little as he slapped her face with his cock.

Bill had never seen a more beautiful cum-covered face in his life. Although in fairness, rarely were the women he fucked as willing as Asha. “Go ahead, you little slut. Give George a smile.” Asha, her face coated in thick, white cum, turned to look over her shoulder at George while he pushed his cockhead as far inside her pussy as he could. She moaned loudly when it poked the entrance to her womb.

As Asha turned her head towards him, George was overwhelmed by Asha’s cum-covered face. The contrast of her beautiful black skin and the thick, white semen was too much. His cock hit deep inside Asha’s pussy and exploded. He moaned in orgasm as his big dick shot his cum deep inside her now wet pussy. Asha felt the warm semen flow into her as the thick cock pulsed several times. Her pussy stole his cum, and she knew this would not be the last cock she would ever have. George collapsed onto the ground. He had ejaculated so deeply inside Asha, that when he withdrew, no semen escaped. Bill took one last look at Asha’s beautiful, cum-covered face. He had not intended it to be the last time he gazed upon her beauty. Nevertheless.

A soft whizzing sound from the shadows of the chamber. Bill’s ears filled with a sickening crunch of steel and bone as his esophagus separated and blood filled his windpipe. George sat stunned as his compatriot collapsed to his knees, clutching at his throat. Blood seeped between Bill’s fingers and ran from the corners of his mouth. A piece of metal protruded from his neck. Bill keeled over and bled out on the floor of the chamber. Finally, George screamed.


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