Isis: An Ancient Lust Rises (chapter 2)

George’s screams now came rushing from his mouth in a torrent of abject terror. Bill had ceased moving, his limp and lifeless cock leaking semen onto the chamber floor. Asha was silent and motionless but, strangely to George, seemed unafraid. George stopped screaming when he heard footsteps to his right. He jerked his head towards them and found himself looking up at a beautiful woman with large, soft breasts and a stern expression on her face. Hatred flashed across Zeera’s azure eyes. “You pathetic vermin were given one instruction. Cum in her pussy,” she said in flawless English. George sputtered, “but…but I did.” He looked back towards Asha as if to confirm that he hadn’t missed somehow and cum all over the floor instead. Zeera grabbed his chin in her hand and screamed at him. “Your friend didn’t!” She squeezed his jaw hard until he cried out. In that moment, Zeera’s other hand flashed from her side, driving an ornate sapphire blade straight through George’s mouth and out the back of his head. He made a strange gurgling sound for a brief moment and expired. Zeera released him, and his body slumped to the floor.

She turned to Asha. “My child, hold as still as you can. We may yet salvage the ritual.” Zeera left George, blade skewering his head, and walked over to where Asha now stood upright, her face and neck covered in Bill’s semen, some of which had begun to drip off her chin and jaw and onto her breasts. Zeera took Asha’s head in both hands, and extending her tongue, collected a glob of cum from Asha’s left cheek, careful to make sure none fell to the ground. Then she moved to Asha’s other cheek and pursed her lips before sucking as much cum as she could into her mouth without spilling any. Aziz, who had been watching from the shadows, emerged into the light and strode across the room to Asha. His face smelled of Zeera’s pussy, and Asha found the aroma intoxicating as Aziz leaned close to her ear and whispered, “lay down on the altar, my beauty.”

Zeera, Asha, and Aziz left the dead Americans in their wake and walked to the altar where the blood red stone was glowing more intensely than before. Asha, her pussy full of George’s cum still deep inside her, climbed onto the altar beside the stone and lay on her back. Zeera mounted the altar as well, and took a position on her knees between Asha’s ebony thighs. Asha was proud of the yearning look in Zeera’s eyes as she stared at Asha’s smooth pussy lips and carefully groomed bush. Zeera leaned forward, placed her hands on Asha’s thighs, and pushed her legs as far apart as she could so that the opening of Asha’s pussy spread slightly. Then Zeera buried her tongue inside Asha’s sweet hole and pushed the cum in her mouth down her tongue and into Asha’s wet vagina. Asha sighed as Zeera’s mouth touched her. The sensation of this beautiful woman spitting cum inside her was so much more pleasurable to her than the rough, unskilled cocks of the Americans had been.

Zeera, hearing Asha’s wanting sigh, fought her desire to spend longer pleasing her pussy. She wanted to make Asha cum so badly, but she knew what the voice had told Aziz. “A righteous man must bring the fertilized host to orgasm.” Zeera, righteous as she may have been, was certainly no man. She sat up, brushed her robe aside from her breasts, and nodded to Aziz whose cock had grown and thickened at the sight of his mistress inseminating Asha with her mouth. Zeera smiled at him and gave each of her nipples and playful twist before lifting her left breast to her mouth and sucking momentarily on her soft, turgid flesh. Aziz’s cock grew a bit more as he watched her. He could not wait for the next time he’d have a chance to please his beautiful mistress.

Aziz carefully alighted the altar and placed his knees on either side of Asha’s head as he faced Zeera who was still kneeling between Asha’s legs. He reached down with his left hand to one of Asha’s breasts and softly squeezed it, noticing her nipple perk up at his touch. Asha stretched her neck to reach Aziz’s balls, shaved and smooth, hanging below his rigid cock. She flicked her tongue across them. Aziz smiled. “Good. Now, take me in your mouth.” He squeezed her nipple between his fingers and then lowered himself on top of her so his cock pushed against her lips. Asha opened her mouth and took Aziz inside as he began to kiss her clitoris. Zeera leaned back and scooted on her ample butt away from them to make more room. Then she inserted two fingers between her lips and sucked on them as she watched Aziz and Asha pleasure each other. Asha lifted her head up and down, sucking on Aziz’s hard cock. She loved the taste of his dick and moaned when he began to kiss her clit.

Aziz closed his lips on Asha’s clit and sucked softly on her swollen bud. He got the response he wanted. She thrust her hips up and pressed her pussy into his mouth. Zeera took her fingers from her lips and thrust them into her soaking wet pussy as deep as she could reach before the knuckles of her other fingers stopped her progress. Then she began to quickly work them in and out, gazing with lustful blue eyes at the two beautiful people before her, locked in passionate embrace.

Aziz began to alternate sucking on and rubbing with his tongue Asha’s swollen, virgin clitoris. It had never been treated like this before by anyone, and Asha was in ecstasy. Aziz made almost no sound as Asha sucked his cock in and out of her mouth until suddenly he moaned loudly. Asha was pleased and then quickly realized, as his dick began to shake, that he was about to orgasm. She reached up and wrapped the fingers of her right hand around the portion of his shaft that was not in her mouth and stroked it with a tight grip. Aziz’s cock pulsed and shot a huge stream of cum into Asha’s mouth. He grunted with each of seven pulses that followed, each pushing more semen down her throat. Asha swallowed as much of his cum as she could but had to let some escape the corners of her mouth. It trickled down the sides of her face and came to rest on her neck.

As Aziz came, he intensified his attention on Asha’s clitoris. Asha had never experienced an orgasm before, and the rising sensation scared her as she continued to suck on Aziz’s now-sated penis. Feelings of pleasure coursed through her belly, her entire consciousness focused on her pussy and how wonderful it felt in response to Aziz’s mouth. She moaned loudly into Aziz’s member and pushed her pussy as hard as she could against his mouth as her body convulsed in orgasm over and over again.

Zeera continued to finger herself as she looked on with satisfaction. Now, all she could do was hope the ritual had been performed correctly despite the incompetence of the now-deceased Americans.

Asha’s orgasm finally subsided. The blood red stone began to glow much more brightly, and a voice emanated from it as the three humans closed their eyes to the light. The voice was haunting, soft, and feminine. “You have done well. Your enemies will know the power of an ancient lust.” Zeera smiled and opened her eyes, the voice having confirmed what she knew from the first time she had heard Aziz’s tale of discovering the stone but had told to no one. Aziz had discovered an artifact of the organization’s namesake. “The voice of Isis; revered goddess of ancient Egypt.” Asha and Aziz opened their eyes and gazed at the stone whose light had now dimmed slightly. It pulsed in apparent confirmation. “I have returned.”


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