Isis: An Ancient Lust Rises (Chapter 3)

(Chapter 1 of this story can be read here and Chapter 2 here.)

Washington, DC area.

Sergei made his way up the sloped driveway towards the house. He had parked on the street a couple blocks away just in case any idle neighbors were watching the home. This was a nice neighborhood, the kind of place where anything out of sorts was reported to the police or at least through the grapevine, and he didn’t want any nosy housewives getting in his business. Well, except for maybe one.

Sergei had begun loansharking because he loved pussy. This might seem odd to an outsider, but Sergei reasoned, and found to be true, that desperate men would give anything to avoid rough collection methods; even if that meant their beautiful wives were fucked by his thick, Russian cock. His dick grew hard just thinking about this one, and he was glad that he had chosen to wear jeans instead of his track pants. Those track pants, while they fit his image, never hid his dick when it started to grow. No need to give away the game before he needed to.

This particular client was a gambling junky, and out here in suburbia, access to legitimate sports books or card games was sparing. Jimmy Dorsett had taken to playing blackjack at a known underground house casino run by some Chinese guys. Everyone knew the game was crooked. Sergei smiled and caught himself. “I guess not everyone. Poor Jimmy.” Fortunately for Sergei, Jimmy also was a relatively successful venture capitalist. With that came a steady stream of income, and with a steady stream of income came his incredibly sexy wife, Kimberly. Now, to say that Kimberly was buxom would be like saying Vladimir Lenin wasn’t a democrat. Sergei had stayed up many nights thinking about Kimberly’s giant tits. They must have been close to an L cup. None of his friends would believe him when he described her. He had jerked off so many times to them in his head (based off seeing her only once at a party), and now he was going to live out his fantasy. Ah, America.

Sergei knocked on Jimmy’s door, and he answered. He groaned when he recognized Sergei and his eyes dropped to the floor. Sergei smiled to himself. This was going to be easy. “Jimmy! How are you?” He slapped Jimmy on the shoulder. “You don’t look so good.” Jimmy motioned Sergei inside. “Look, Sergei. I need more time. You know I’m good for it.” Sergei walked into the living room as Jimmy trailed behind and sat on a beautiful, brown leather couch. “Yes, I know that, Jimbo. That’s why your nose isn’t broken yet. However, if you want me to give you another week or so to make payment, you gotta provide me with some … what is that legal term the fuckin’ lawyers always throw around?” He grinned as it came to him. “Consideration! We have to make it legit after all, right Jimmy?” Jimmy sat down in a chair and ran his hands through his hair. “I’ve got some new investors I’m working on right now. I can pay you in a couple weeks, easy.”

At that moment, Kimberly walked into the room. She could not have been more than 25, Sergei judged. Her light brown hair fell to her shoulders. Her skin was very light, but did not show many imperfections. She must not have been a sun whore the way so many other American girls seemed to be. Her belly was bare and toned, and she wore a pair of gray yoga pants that hugged her slender thighs. She was wearing a red sports bra that barely contained her enormous breasts and showed her almost billowing cleavage very nicely. “Oh, uh, I didn’t know we were having company, sweetie.” She looked embarrassed at her dress. Sergei smiled at her and shamelessly drank in her incredible boobs with his hungry eyes. “Don’t worry about me. But I am glad you’re here.” “Oh?” Kimberly looked puzzled. “Have we met?”

“Once, yes. Awhile ago now. I need you to do something for your husband.” Jimmy started to stand, but Sergei glared at him and motioned with his right hand for him to sit. Jimmy reluctantly resumed his seat. “You see, Kim. May I call you Kim?” Kimberly nodded slightly, tried to force a smile, and sat down at the other end of the couch. Sergei admired her ass as she turned to sit, and watched it glide to the couch. It was so small and girlish. He loved that. He looked at her intently. “You see, Kim. Your husband needs some more time to pay me back a loan I made to him.” Jimmy rose, angry. “Listen, there’s no reason to involve my wife in this. I said I’ll pay you.” Sergei looked up at Jimmy. “I know you will.” Sergei rose to his feet. He stepped within a few inches of Jimmy and said, “But this is not a negotiation. You will sit. This is between me and Kimberly. If I need you for something, I will let you know. And if you stand up one more time, we will do this the old world way. I am trying to be a more civilized man in this country.” Sergei squeezed his hands together in front of his chest and cracked his knuckles. Jimmy, visibly shaken, took his seat again, beads of sweat beginning to form on his neck.

Sergei sighed and sat down next to Kimberly. “Apologies, my dear lady. As I was saying. Jimmy here needs some more time to pay me back. So here’s the deal.” Sergei unzipped his jeans and pulled his rock hard cock through the unzipped hole. Kimberly was shocked. Her mouth gaped open, but she made barely a sound other than her heavier breathing. Sergei’s dick was of average length but thick and smooth. The head glistened with pre-cum. Just looking at Kimberly in her workout clothes had excited him greatly. Beneath her horror at a strange man pulling his dick out in front of her lurked some pride that her body, which Kimberly knew affected men (and not a few women) in dramatic ways, caused Sergei’s cock to become wet so quickly.

Jimmy wanted to kill Sergei, but he knew he couldn’t. Like most Russians in America who were in his line of work, Sergei had friends. No matter how embarrassing this was, it wasn’t worse than breathing through a tube for the rest of his life.

Sergei caught Kimberly’s eyes as they fixated on his wet cockhead. God, he ached for her. “Now, I’m going to make this offer. Jimmy needs how much time to pay up? A week? Maybe two? Now Kim, you’re an incredibly sexy woman. Those tits alone make you a national treasure.” He paused for effect and watched Kimberly cross her legs and turn away to look at her husband. Sergei knew she was blushing. “For every time you make me cum this afternoon, Jimmy gets an extra week to pay me back.” Jimmy stifled a growl and covered his mouth with a hand. Kimberly looked to him for guidance. Jimmy knew he had no choice. He could either go along with this shit, or he could eat some brass knuckles. His wife was a good girl, and he felt bad about this. But there wasn’t much he could do now. He nodded to her, and then his hand slid up over his eyes.

Sergei leaned back into the couch. “I’m not gonna move a muscle. I know better than to lay a hand on another man’s wife.” This was total bullshit. Sergei had laid hands on many men’s wives. But he wanted Kimberly to do all the work. He had a feeling she would enjoy this more than she was letting on right now. Kimberly didn’t know what to do. Sergei caught her eyes and then looked to his hard cock. He used his index finger to lightly stroke the underside along his now engorged vein. “I don’t have all day.”

Kimberly blushed deep red and rose to her feet. She had only been with a couple of guys, married young at 22, and had always been faithful to her husband for the three years they were married. She knelt in front of the couch where Sergei was seated and awkwardly grabbed her breasts with both hands. She knew this was why he was here. She closed her eyes and began to squeeze her boobs through her sports bra. Sergei was in heaven. “Don’t close your eyes, Kim. I want you to watch my dick while you play with those things.” Jimmy was furious but knew to stay seated.

Kimberly opened her eyes and stared at Sergei’s rock hard dick. As she squeezed her boobs, more pre-cum leaked out of Sergei’s penis. Sergei watched her intently. She was no professional, but with tits like that, there wasn’t much a girl could do wrong. Kimberly felt her nipples harden against her bra as she massaged her breasts, and she reached underneath her bra to pull it up. Grabbing it with both hands, she pulled the bra up and over her enormous L cup breasts and felt gravity pull them down as they sprang free. “Oh my god,” Sergei groaned.


Sergei knew Kimberly’s breasts would be incredible, but nothing prepared him for the sight of her soft, milky globes bouncing free of her bra. “Fuck me,” he gasped quietly as Kimberly blushed a deeper red. She placed her palms underneath each of her boobs and playfully pushed one up and then the other, letting them fall back in turn. They bounced and jiggled as she played with them, all the while she kept her eyes fixed on Sergei’s stiff cock as he had told her. Then she leaned forward until her left breast could reach the head of his cock, and she teased Sergei’s cockhead with her boob. Her hard nipple stiffened a bit more as his dick rubbed against it. Kimberly could feel her arousal, and she looked guiltily to Jimmy. He was sulking and angry, but also was not averting his gaze.

Sergei scooted forward on the couch so that he was sitting on the edge, which caused Kimberly to be pushed back a bit. Now her breasts were smothering his dick, and she pulled them apart to allow him into her cleavage. Then she pushed her massive boobs together around his dick and moved them up and down to spread his pre-cum wetness over the length of his hard shaft. Sergei moaned as her breasts hugged his cock. He looked into her eyes, and she, no longer able to see his dick, looked back at him. Kimberly liked his dark eyes. They made an interesting contrast with his light brown hair. He would be attractive if he weren’t basically a rapist. She frowned at the thought and paused, distracted. Sergei noticed and lightly thrust his hips up, fucking her boobs with one stroke. Kimberly snapped back to the moment and began against to massage his penis with her soft globes. “Do you want to cum between by titties, Sergei?” she asked, hoping the slutty talking would speed things up. “Fuck yes I do. I hope your husband gives these the treatment they deserve.” He closed his eyes as Kimberly began to use her whole torso to fuck his dick. She allowed his head to almost fall out of the bottom of her cleavage before dropping back down. His dick wasn’t long enough to emerge through the top of her tits, which she liked.

Kimberly began to bounce faster. She found herself wanting to drain Sergei’s dick and not just because it would buy Jimmy another week. Sergei began to pant. “Ah shit…I’m…gonna..cum.” Kimberly worked her boobs up and down as fast as she could. She began to pinch her nipples as well, and she could feel her pussy getting really wet. Jimmy noticed the nipple pinching and was not happy. Kimberly was not supposed to be enjoying this. Sergei groaned loudly and exploded between Kimberly’s breasts. She could feel his dick spasm and his warm cum fill her cleavage. After he had pumped three loads, she opened her breasts and looked straight down at his cock. He shot two more streams of cum between her boobs towards her face. The first splashed into her chin and the second grazed her forehead and painted her hair with a white streak. She was so happy he hit her face and felt like such a slut. “That’s one week.” She smiled at Sergei and made no move to clean anything up. She felt sexy splattered with a strange man’s semen.

Sergei was in heaven. “You are amazing.” He smiled at Kimberly. “And you look amazing.” Her chest was a mess, and she looked so slutty with his cum dripping from her chin and in her hair. Kimberly bent forward and took his softening dick into her mouth, sucking it clean. Even after it was clear to her that the cum was gone, she continued to suck on his penis. Sergei groaned, and it was at this moment that he happened to notice a jet black cat slink into the room. It had glowing red eyes that Sergei had never seen in an animal. Jimmy had never mentioned having a cat.

Kimberly didn’t notice the cat, but decided to make the best of the situation. She began to moan with pleasure as she pressed her left palm between her legs and felt the dampness of her yoga pants. Her pussy was ready. Sergei liked that she was having fun and hoped he could get hard again quickly. Kimberly stood up and turned around so Sergei could take in her cute little butt. “Do you like my ass, Sergei? Is it tight enough for you?” She bent over so he could see the wet spot forming between her legs. Sergei began to stroke his dick. “Let me smell you.” He leaned forward, and Kimberly spread her legs while placing each hand on the floor. Her crotch was totally open to him, and he buried his nose in her mound, inhaling deeply.

Sergei’s dick began to stiffen as he breathed her in. Kimberly could feel her pussy soaking her pants. She stood up and quickly pulled them down to her thighs. She wore no panties, and her fragrance was released into the room, her shaved pussy lips visibly soaking wet. She pulled her pants the rest of the way down and stepped out of them. Sergei broke his promise not to touch her. He couldn’t help it. He stood up and grabbed her around the waist. Then, he reached behind her knees with his arms and lifted her up, pulling her to his chest. Kimberly was startled and let out a cute little yelp as she quickly found herself with her back against Sergei’s hairy chest and her legs, thighs, and pussy spread wide open to the whole room. Kimberly wanted him so badly now. She loved being controlled like this and the feel of his hair on her back. Her body was now just a fuck toy to him. Sergei lowered her onto this cock, and his shaft slid between her pussy lips easily.

Kimberly moaned as he entered her and began to pinch her nipples hard as his dick pushed all the way inside her. Sergei fully hardened as he slowly lifted Kimberly up and then let her fall back down on his dick, mimicking what she had done to him with her breasts. Jimmy was treated to a full view of his wife spread open like a whore with a gangster’s thick cock buried in her wanting and willing pussy. He was humiliated. But he needed the two weeks.

Kimberly was consumed by her lust. “Fuck me, baby! Hard! Make my big titties bounce for Jimmy.” Sergei could not believe how sexy this girl was, and how fast she had made him hard again. He knew he couldn’t fuck her that hard in this position, so he let her down and pushed between her shoulder blades with his palm until she bent over. Her tits hung beautifully as she bent over at the waist. Sergei guided his cock to the opening of her ass and leaked his pre-cum on her butthole. Kimberly thought she felt him at her ass, but she assumed he was just missing the mark and would adjust. Sergei pushed forward gently and was amazed that his dick slide half an inch inside her asshole without much resistance.

Kimberly smiled and moaned. She played with her ass every day, and it was well-conditioned to thick objects. “I don’t want your baby either,” she cooed. “Now fuck me.” Sergei thrust his dick into her butt until her ass smacked against him. The way her tits bounced with his thrust almost pushed him over the edge immediately. Kimberly groaned as her butt was filled with dick, and she reached back hoping Sergei would grab her arms. He did, and using them as leverage, pounded her butthole with long, powerful strokes while holding her forearms tightly. Her ass was so soft inside and squeezed his dick so snugly that he could soon feel his orgasm begin to build again. Kimberly knew he wouldn’t last long. Men never did in her butt, even if they’d already cum once. She reached for her clit with her left hand and began to furiously rub her swollen bud as Sergei pounded her butt.

Sergei loved the slapping sound of his thighs on her butt and watched her tits bounce wildly as he fucked her. He built up a faster and faster pace, and soon he heard Kimberly yell, “fuck, I’m gonna cum. Yes, fuck my ass.” As she began her orgasm, she squeezed his cock with her butt. This drove Sergei over the edge, and he pumped load after load of cum into her asshole. Kimberly’s body convulsed with her orgasm, and she fell to the floor, exhausted.

Sergei looked at the woman on the floor still covered in his semen with her butthole gaping. He smiled when he noticed no cum leaking out. “You hang onto that, baby. I’ve gotta run.” He winked at Jimmy. If looks could kill, Sergei would have died a thousand deaths in that moment. Sadly, for Jimmy, the most his look could do was convey his impotent anger. Sergei again noticed the cat. “That’s a strange cat.” Jimmy yelled, “it must be a fuckin’ stray you let in. Now enough with the talk. Get out!” Sergei pushed his dick back inside his pants and zipped them up. “Well, maybe I’ll find it a home. I already pleased one pussy from this house today.” He laughed and scooped up the cat under his arm and walked out. As he left he shouted back over his shoulder. “Two and half weeks, Jimmy. That ass bought you another half a week.” As he made his way to his car, he looked closer at his new cat’s strange eyes. They burned red like blood. “Damn, you’re a weird animal,” he thought to himself. The cat purred softly.


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