The Conversion (A Furry Tale)

(This story idea was requested by a fan. He’s a really nice guy, and I hope he enjoys reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. If you have a request of your own or would like a sequel chapter to this story, please let me know! The best way is to DM my Instagram: ceylon_erotica. Obviously, requests accompanied by a PayPal contribution will receive priority).

The United States of America, modern day.

Chris was having a rough night. That day he had finished his exams for the semester and felt like he had really messed up on his physics final. Physics was an important subject for him. He wanted to be an engineer. But the course was difficult, and the final had reflected that. Rather than drive himself crazy worrying about his performance, he had decided to stop at a campus bar on his walk home and have a couple beers. Ah, good intentions. A couple beers turned into eight or nine. Chris always had a hard time cutting himself off when the bartender had a nice pair of tits. Chris had lost track of the beers and the time and was now stumbling back to his apartment, very drunk.

As he tried to keep his steps straight so as not to attract the attention of any campus police, he felt drops of rain land on his face. “Fuck me.” He just could not catch a break tonight. The rain began to fall steadily, and Chris began to feel sick. He approached a statue that looked like a wolf standing on its hind legs. The school mascot was a wolf, so the presence of the statue made sense, but Chris had never noticed this particular statue before. The figure of the wolf was standing on a circular, concrete base, and Chris decided to sit and hope his nausea would pass. He hated vomiting. What Chris did not notice, perhaps because of his drunkenness or the darkness, was that the statue was not of a normal wolf. It was made in the image of a she-wolf with long, wavy hair and medium-sized, full breasts.

Chris was overcome by tiredness and still felt sick. He laid on his side, resting his weary body on the statue’s pedestal. As Chris dozed off, rain still pelting him, a flash of lightning rose up through the base of the statue and into the night sky. Chris’ body was engulfed in light and energy. His mind filled with images of himself. Or rather himself in another form. Chris saw his arms and legs sprout a beautiful coat of brown fur and his shirt stretch around budding breasts emerging from his chest. A beautiful, white tail sprouted from above his butt, which became rounder, fuller, and more feminine. His hands shrunk slightly, and his fingers slimmed. The image darted in an out of his consciousness, and he became consumed with trying to make it last.

Thunder crashed through the night air and woke him. Chris groaned and realized he had been sleeping in the rain. “Shit.” He muttered to himself as he sat up, and then immediately he noticed his clothes were gone, and he was covered in fur. “Holy…” He was too shocked to speak further. What had happened to him? He must be dreaming, he thought. Chris looked up at the statue, but there was only empty sky above him. He looked down and saw that the pedestal he was sleeping on was actually just a stone bench. Chris began patting his body all over, feeling his fur. His hands explored his chest where he found his new breasts. Looking down, he saw how beautiful and full they were. He began to breath heavily. As he turned his head from side to side, he could feel long hair swishing against his back.

Chris gave each of his breasts a squeeze and pleasurable sensations traveled down his torso and surged between his legs. “Oh my god.” Chris felt his clitoris swell with blood as he squeezed his breasts a second time, and his nipples hardened beneath his palms. With his left hand, he felt between his legs. His probing fingers confirmed that he had a pussy. His pussy had thick, full lips that were covered in a short, soft golden fur. He slipped a finger inside his moistening vagina and shuddered at the amazing pleasure he felt. His clit began to swell even more, and then he felt it press against his wrist. Chris inserted a second finger in his pussy, and his clit began to grow even larger. He leaned back and moaned as he began to thrust his two fingers in and out of his now-wet pussy while using his right hand to massage his breast and play with his nipple. Suddenly, as he looked down towards his crotch, he saw what he had thought was his clit. It was not. Instead, he saw a thick cock growing from above his pussy, and it became longer and thicker the more he fingered himself. It had pushed past his wrist and was now sticking straight up in the air.

Chris moved his right hand from his breast and grabbed the shaft of his cock, beginning to stroke it as he continued fingering himself. If he was dreaming, he hoped he’d never wake. The pleasure from both his dick and his pussy was almost too much sensation to handle, but it was heavenly. He sat up and leaned forward to lick the head of his throbbing, beautiful dick. Then, a cracking twig alerted his attention. His wolf-like ears, which he had not noticed yet, were now standing straight up and had detected a slight sound far off. Subsequent sounds like shoes on pavement were growing closer. Chris knew had to get out of there. He hopped off the bench and swiftly made his way into the shadows, running almost silently on all fours. The pads of his feet kept his progress stealthy, and he found he didn’t tire at all from running even though he was moving very quickly. His wolf aspect was very useful for evading detection and quickly traversing the campus in the shadows.

Chris made it back to his apartment before sunrise. The next morning, he inspected himself in the mirror. He was a gorgeous being. His face, despite its canine features, was wonderfully feminine in its lines, and his fur was soft and shiny. He had always been afraid to divulge his attraction to animal-like humanoids, but now his dream had come true. He felt so at home in his new body. He knew that many people would not understand and would even fear him, but he did not care. Chris was no longer. Chrissy was born, and she was eager to show certain people how much better a furry world could be. Just thinking about fucking a human with her thick cock made her pussy wet. She smiled and showed her long canine teeth to the mirror. Her physics professor, Professor Sarsour, was just the person to welcome Chrissy into the world. All of her.

Professor Kelly Sarsour was born in America to a Palestinian mother and an Egyptian father. Despite being in her mid-30’s, she had never married. Men seemed to find her intelligence and biting wit to be off-putting. She was strikingly beautiful with dark hair that she kept cut just above her shoulders. Her breasts were not large, but were firm with perky nipples that were almost always hard. She had womanly hips, very wide compared to her thin waist, which supported her ample ass. Men loved her ass. She had been raised in a conservative home, at least by American standards, and always dressed modestly with one exception. She loved to wear skirts that hugged her hips and showed off the sloping lines of her lower body. She loved that she could bring a man to a near hypnotic state by simply bending over in front of him.

Kelly was heading back to her office after having finished administering one of her final exams. She could tell many of her students were not going to do well, but that was normal in an introductory course. Her job was to weed out the idiots, and she did an exceptionally good job of it.  She walked gracefully in her high-heeled shoes with long strides and arrived at the door to her office. She opened the door and entered, flipping the light switch on before setting her attache case down on a table. She sat at her desk and began to browse through her social media accounts on her phone.

Professor Kelly Sarsour had a secret. She was what people referred to as a furry fan. She was sexually attracted to humanoid animals, especially wolves and foxes. She often looked at pictures of furry animated characters and fantasized about what it would be like to be with them. She sometimes even masturbated in her office to them. Neither her family nor her professional community would ever understand her desires, so secrecy was of the utmost importance. But she also liked to live dangerously sometimes. It excited her. Her reverie was broken by a knock at her office door.

Chrissy was wearing a hooded sweatshirt and a long skirt that she had found in a trash dumpster the night before. In the dimming sunlight she had not been noticed. It helped that she’d kept to the forested areas of the campus as much as possible and avoided heavily trafficked areas. The clothes were hot and pressed her fur to her body, trapping even more heat than usual. She wore no undergarments.

After knocking on Professor Sarsour’s door, she eagerly waited. The door opened fully and Chrissy found herself staring face to face with Professor Sarsour. “Hello, Professor.” Kelly looked at Chrissy, and it took just a split second for her to realize she was staring into the face of something other than another human. She gasped and stepped back into her office as Chrissy followed her inside and shut the door. “Who…. who are you?” Kelly could barely get the words out; her heart pounding furiously. She thought she might be going crazy. “My name is Chrissy. I was a student in your class this semester. My name used to be Chris.”

Kelly looked at Chrissy intently for a moment. “And what are you? I mean, what happened to you?” Kelly asked. Chrissy smiled back. “I don’t know. But I like it, and I wanted to see if you like it too.” Chrissy was really not interested in whether or not Professor Sarsour liked her. She was planning to have some fun regardless of the professor’s reaction as a tribute to the end of her dreams of being a physics major at the hand’s of the professor’s final exam. She didn’t know much about Professor Sarsour, but she knew she had a spectacular ass. That was enough for now.

Professor Sarsour’s response shocked her. “I do like it. Very much.” Kelly stepped forward and pushed the hood off of Chrissy’s head. Chrissy didn’t move. She was stunned at the reaction. Chrissy whispered “Professor, you’re not scared of me?” Kelly responded, “not at all. And please, call me Kelly.”

Kelly leaned forward and planted a kiss on Chrissy’s snout. Chrissy smiled, still stunned at Kelly’s acceptance of her. Kelly bent slightly at the waist and wrapped her arms around Chrissy, pulling them together. Kelly nuzzled her face in the space where Chrissy’s shoulder met her neck and kissed her soft fur. Chrissy felt the pressure of Kelly’s mouth against her body and began to get aroused. She felt her nipples stiffen. Kelly ran her hands down Chrissy’s sides until they found her hips and waistline of her skirt. Kelly grabbed the skirt and pulled it down until Chrissy’s tail slipped through the hole she had just cut in the fabric this morning. “Chrissy, you are so beautiful.” Chrissy’s eyes nearly began to water. She did not expect anyone to accept her, and for the first person she revealed herself to to be this open and intimate with her was more than she could describe. She felt like she was living in a fantasy.

“Thank you, Kelly.” Chrissy barely finished saying Kelly’s name as Kelly dropped to her knees, pulled Chrissy’s skirt down to the floor and grasped her soft, furry butt in both hands. Kelly began to stroke Chrissy’s tail, and she could smell Chrissy’s pussy. The smell was sensual and musky. It was the fragrance of animal lust. With her right hand, Kelly stroked Chrissy’s tail, running her hand from the base all the way to the end, wrapping it around Chrissy’s body with each stroke before letting it go. Chrissy loved having her tail stroked and growled with pleasure. She could feel her pussy beginning to dampen the fur in her crotch, and blood began to rush to her clit as Kelly leaned back and used her left hand to unbutton her blouse. Chrissy hoped Kelly would not be too alarmed by her huge, thick cock, which she could feel was ready to burst from its disguise as a clitoris.

Kelly was so happy. She had never imagined furries really existed, and now she was about to make love to one. Her nipples were hard, and she finished undoing her buttons. Then she shrugged her shirt from her shoulders before reaching behind her back with both hands to unclasp her bra and free her breasts. Chrissy loved Kelly’s olive skin and gazed at her dark nipples as Kelly’s bra fell away from her body. Kelly sat down on her butt and began to play with her nipples, drawing circles around them teasingly with her index fingers. “Do you like my tits, Chrissy?” Chrissy didn’t say a word. She knew an adequate response was moments away. Kelly pinched her hard nipples and gently tugged on her left one, pulling it and elongating it as she moaned, Chrissy’s cock burst forth from her clit, hard, thick, and immediately leaking pre-cum.

Kelly’s eyes widened and appeared as if they would burst from her face. But she hesitated only for a second. “I guess that means you like my tits, huh?” Kelly grinned. She grabbed Chrissy’s thick shaft with both hands, one on top of the other, and pulled the big dick to her lips. She shook her head back and forth, rubbing the throbbing head across her lips and spreading musky pre-cum over her mouth. Chrissy growled softly and watched Kelly worship her big dick. Kelly took the head between her lips and sucked greedily, trying to pull more pre-cum into her mouth. She moaned and began to flick the tip with her tongue. Chrissy’s cock responded by leaking a little burst of pre-cum, which Kelly hungrily swallowed. Chrissy placed both hands on the back of Kelly’s head. She knew that her entire dick would never fit in Kelly’s throat, but that shouldn’t stop her from trying.

She steadied Kelly’s head and pushed her shaft five inches into Kelly’s mouth as Kelly’s hands slid along her shaft. Kelly opened her mouth wide and relaxed her throat to take as much of Chrissy’s dick as she could. It filled her mouth. She looked lustily up at Chrissy’s sexy canine face as the cock pushed farther down her throat another three inches. Kelly relaxed as much as she could to avoid gagging. Her pussy throbbed as she felt pre-cum leaking directly into her throat, and she began to stroke the four inches of Chrissy’s cock that was still outside her mouth. Her member was simply monstrous, but it felt so good. Chrissy slowly fucked Kelly’s mouth in long strokes as Kelly took in air through her nose.

Kelly stared up at Chrissy’s furry breasts as her nipples emerged from the fur, hard and begging for attention. Her pussy was soaking her panties beneath her skirt. She fought the urge to touch herself, wanting Chrissy to release her tension later. Chrissy began to moan and pant, and Kelly knew she was going to explode soon. She wondered how much cum this beautiful she-wolf would spill into her mouth.

As Chrissy drew close to orgasm, she pulled her cock from Kelly’s mouth, pushed Kelly’s hands away, and wrapped her own left hand around it. She aimed her throbbing dick at Kelly’s breasts and stroked herself furiously. Kelly, sensing that Chrissy was going to bath her tits in wolf cum, reached behind Chrissy’s dick and thrust three fingers into Chrissy’s wet, furry pussy. Chrissy’s juices flowed down Kelly’s fingers and soaked her down to her wrist almost immediately. As her pussy was penetrated, Chrissy howled and exploded. The first shot of semen burst forth from her cock and splashed across Kelly’s left breast. The thick cum coated her boob. The second and third covered her other breast. Chrissy’s orgasm rocked her body and exploded behind her eyes as she kept stroking her thick cock and shooting streams of semen onto Kelly’s stomach. This cum ran down Kelly’s stomach and soaked her skirt. Some landed on the floor.

Chrissy finished cumming, and Kelly opened her mouth to clean her dick and suck the last of the cum out.  As she did, Chrissy’s dick pulsed again and shot a stream of semen into Kelly’s mouth. She grinned and swallowed the cum eagerly. The big cock had a small amount of semen leaking from the head, and Kelly used the tip of her tongue to remove it. She savored the flavor in her mouth, and opened wide to Chrissy. Chrissy moaned. Kelly looked to sexy with white wolf cum on her tongue. Kelly closed her lips and swallowed. Then she removed her fingers from Chrissy’s pussy and stuck them in her mouth, cleaning the musky juices from them. She licked her lips, kissed the head of Chrissy’s cock, and asked sweetly, “what’s next, love?” Chrissy looked into Kelly’s eyes and smiled.






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