Isis: An Ancient Lust Awakens (Chapter 4)

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Washington, DC

Sergei was on his way to visit another client behind on his payments. His name was John Starks, and he was a lobbyist. Starks was a terrible credit risk because he spent money like a drunken sailor, and despite his considerable salary, could never seem to keep his head above water. But he also had a beautiful wife. He was, therefore, the perfect client for Sergei.

Sergei had debated taking his new cat home after he had plowed the tight ass of his last client’s wife but decided he couldn’t wait to get to Mrs. Starks. His cock was already getting hard at the thought of shooting white ropes of cum all over her beautiful Japanese face. Sergei was a big fan of bukkake movies, and he was about to live out a fantasy. Well, without the fifty other Japanese guys and the mosaic censor. Sergei made his way to the front door of Mr. Stark’s townhouse and knocked three times.

The black cat with the haunting red eyes had purred on Sergei’s passenger seat for the entire ride to the Starks’ home, but now it was time for action. She gave her paw one last lick and jumped out of the car’s open sunroof. As Sergei was greeted at the door to the house by one of the occupants, the cat ran quickly to the side of the house where she hopped over a small fence and into the backyard. A window had been left open, and she jumped onto the adjacent ledge and then slipped through the opening and into the house. She needed a place to wait. She could hear voices in another room of the house and recognized Sergei’s. She knew Sergei was about to start fucking the gorgeous Mrs. Stark’s, and while the cat would have loved to watch, she could not jeopardize her mission.

She softly padded across the carpeted floor to the stairs and ran up to the second level. She found a room she assumed to be the master bedroom and then a closet within. This seemed as good a hiding place as any. She flopped to the floor and began cleaning her left paw when she noticed a giant dildo in the corner of the closet. It looked like a huge black cock. “Ugh,” Zeera thought. She couldn’t resist.

After the ritual in the chamber, Isis had granted Zeera some remarkable powers, one of which was to shapeshift into a black cat. The other was more interesting but hadn’t become useful yet. Although it certainly would. Now, the form of the black cat slowly melted into a beautiful woman with light brown skin, black hair, and a toned body. Zeera’s breasts were round, big, and firm. Her abdomen showed slight muscular ripples, and her butt was round and tight like a drum if she flexed it. She was completely naked.

Zeera stared longingly at the dildo, lust pooling in her fierce, red eyes. Her pussy had not been attended to since the chamber back in Egypt. Her hand darted out and grabbed the dildo. She knelt on the floor and put the dildo between her breasts so that the head was sticking out through her cleavage. Then she worked up a good amount of saliva and let it fall into the crack between her boobs making it wet and slippery. Placing one hand on the base of the dildo, she used her other arm to hold her breasts in place. Then she began to fuck her own tits with the dildo. Zeera loved thick objects between her breasts. She felt so dominant being able to drain a man’s penis with only her boobs. She sighed. The dildo would have to do for now.

Zeera used short, fast strokes, which quickly spread her spit throughout her cleavage. As she watched the thick cock emerge from her boobs and then retreat again beneath them, her pussy became very wet. She squeezed her thighs together and could feel her pussy lips stick against one another as she then spread her knees far apart and felt them slowly separate. She continued thrusting the dildo into her cleavage. She was going to build her anticipation as long as she could before giving herself satisfaction.

Zeera placed the dildo on the floor. It had a nice, wide base and stood straight up by itself. Squatting over it, Zeera grabbed her ass with both hands and squeezed her cheeks, imagining a man using her butt as leverage to plunge into her wet pussy. But, not yet. She lowered herself over the thick head of the dildo just until she could feel it begin to separate her wet pussy lips. Then she slowly rocked her hips back and forth, rubbing her lips and clit with the head of the dildo. Now her pussy juices started to flow even more, and she could feel her wetness leaking out and running toward her butt.

Zeera could hear moaning from downstairs. “Have fun while you can, Sergei,” Zeera thought to herself. She liked the sounds of passion while she teased her clit. They made a nice background. She had seen some of Sergei’s performance at the other house, and she closed her eyes, picturing his thick, white cock sliding into her brown pussy. She was ready. Zeera lowered herself onto the dildo and dropped to the floor. She moaned as the cock drove inside her. She sat flat on the floor with the entire thing buried inside her. Then she traced her fingers up her sides until they found her breasts. She massaged the sides of her soft, round breasts and then pushed them together so that her erect nipples almost touched. She moaned again and squeezed her pussy on the dildo, her wetness now pooling around the base.

Now Sergei was fucking Mrs. Starks harder, and Zeera could hear the sounds of his thighs smacking against her ass. Zeera pictured herself on the receiving end of Sergei’s cock as she pinched both of her nipples hard and began to fuck the dildo. She lifted herself a couple inches off the floor, letting the dildo slide a bit out of her wet pussy before she sat down again hard. She sighed with pleasure and repeated this movement several times, quickly forcing the cock in and out of her body. It sent ripples of pleasure through her vagina, which were intensified by the attention she was giving to her rock-hard nipples. Zeera could feel herself about to cum. With her left hand, she reached behind her ass and poked gently at her tight butthole. She was spread open and could feel that it was wet from her pussy juice. Zeera rose up almost completely off the dildo so that the head nearly emerged from her wet hole, the shaft soaked with her wetness, and then she dove down on it, taking it all in at once until her thighs reached the floor. “Fuck, yes,” she whispered to herself. She began to bounce up and down on the dildo, each time nearly coming off of it. As she fucked herself, she slid her middle finger into her ass up to her first knuckle. Her pussy had lubricated the hole well, and she now pushed some of her juices inside. Her ass was so soft inside, and she could feel with her finger the dildo on the other side of her wall, filling her pussy.

Zeera bounced up and down as fast as she could on the dildo, holding her finger deep in her ass. She could hear Mrs. Starks moaning loudly and demanding Sergei fuck her harder. Her lustful, desperate cries put Zeera over the edge. Her orgasm ripped through her pussy and up through her abdomen. Her body convulsed in pleasure, and she tried as hard as she could to avoid crying out. She whimpered softly, her soaking wet pussy squeezing the dildo like it never wanted to let go. Zeera collapsed on the floor and laid still for a moment, panting and savoring the dildo still deep inside her. She wondered if Mrs. Starks used it much. As she began to withdraw it, she heard a loud scream, which she assumed was coming from Mrs. Starks. “No! Baby! Please!” The gunshots started. Zeera lost count how many there were before they stopped. And there was silence.


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